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Residential Utility Companies to contact prior to closing.


City of Seattle: To discontinue or start your billing, call the City of Seattle at 206.684.5900. Before you call, go out to the water meter (which is under a metal plate and usually near the street) and write down the four-digit number on the meter. Give this number to the city when you call to change service - this will save a charge to you for the city to come out and read the meter.

Edmonds: Olympic View Water and Sewer: 425.774.7769
Everett: 1.425.259.8999
Bellevue: 425.452.6973
Eastside Waste Disposal: 206.682.3037
Lake Forest Park and Shoreline Water: 206.362.8100
Lake Forest Park and Shoreline Waste Management: 206.546.2494
Lynnwood Utilities 425.670.6609
Northshore Utilities 425.398.4400
Seattle Public Utilities 206.684.7600 (for recycling containers also)


City of Seattle customers: to talk to a live person at Seattle City Light call 206.625.3000 Mon. - Fri. 7:30am to 6pm. There is also an automated service requiring a touch-tone phone at 206.386.0099.

Eastside customers call: Seattle City Light at 206.625.3000 or Puget Sound Energy at 206.464.1999

Edmonds customers call: Puget sound Power and Light at 1.800.321.4123

Lake Forest Park and Shoreline customers call: 206.625.3000

Snohomish County customers call: PUD of Snohomish County at 1.425.258.8230 or 1.800.562.9142

GAS (all counties)

Puget Sound Energy: 206.464.1999


If you have oil, the sales agreement states that the buyer will pay for the remaining oil in the tank if the seller provides written documentation as to the quantity and current price per gallon. The oil company that you purchased the oil from will come out one week prior to closing and read the tank at no charge. Please DO NOT forget to get a copy of the reading to escrow BEFORE YOU COME IN TO SIGN YOUR CLOSING DOCUMENTS.


US West Communications: 1.800.244.1111
GTE Northwest: 1.800.483.4100
Qwest: 1.866.642.0444 or
Comcast: 1.800.266.2278 or
Verizon: 1.800.483.4000 or


AT@T - All Areas: 1.877.824.2288
Comcast: 1.800.266.2278 or


1.888.777.2454 or


1.888.232.8689 or


Seattle Times and P.I.: 206.464.2121
Seattle Weekly: 206.623.0500
Eastside Journal American: 425.455.2222
Daily Journal of Commerce: 206.622.8272


King County: 206.296.8683
Snohomish County: 1.425.259.4726 or 1.800.562.4367

Call the County in which you will be living. Address changes can be arranged over the phone. If you are moving into Washington from another state, you must fill-out a voters registration form. This form is available at all post offices and public schools.

REMINDER: Be sure to change your address at the post office and leave a forwarding address with the new owners in case mail needs to be forwarded to you.

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