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Q: Is "closing" the signing of the documents?

A: No. The signing of the documents usually takes place two days before the closing date. This allows the lender, if any, time to review the signed documents for accuracy and efficiency.

Q: How much money do I need for closing and when do I need it?

A: Prior to closing the escrow company receives loan documents and escrow instructions from the lender. A list of fees is included in these documents so that the escrow agent can prepare your "Settlement Statement". It is at this time that the escrow agent will inform you of the amount of cash you will need to close the transaction. This amount will need to be received by escrow at least one day prior to closing.

Q: Can I write a personal check?

A: Unfortunately NO regardless of the amount required. Deposit's by the Buyer or Seller shall be in the one of the following three forms:

    1.) CASH
    2.) Interbank WIRE TRANSFER received by the escrow agent's depository (Bank).
    3.) A CASHIERS CHECK (from a Washington State Bank)
Q: Do I Need To Bring Anything to Closing?

A: Yes. Due to the fact that we will be notarizing your signatures, please bring your photo identification card or your driver's license, along with your funds to close.

Q: When do I get my Keys?

A: Your Real Estate Agent will arrange for the exchange of keys.

Q: How do we know when the transaction closes?

A: The escrow officer will call both Buyer and Seller along with the real estate agents and tell them that the documents have been recorded and the escrow has funded.

Q: Do we both have to be present at the signing?

A: All parties going into and out of title need to be present to sign documents. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please call your escrow closer to make special arrangements.

Q: How do we know our personal information is kept Confidential?

A: This question about confidentiality or privacy comes up all too often not to share with you our stance. We at The Escrow Source want you to know that we do not distribute any of your personal information to anyone that is not a party to your specific transaction. If there is any question as to the relationship of the inquiring party, we will require written verifiable proof as to the need of the requested information.

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