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Rick Foust: President & Founder

Rick has been in the Escrow and Mortgage business since 1986. After a long partnership with a local Mortgage and Escrow company, he and his wife Beth decided to focus on the escrow industry specifically and opened The Escrow Source, Inc. in February 1995. Rick's duties are the marketing and administrative side of the company.

Beth Selsor: Vice President, Founder,
Designated Escrow Officer and Limited Practice Officer

Beth has been in the escrow industry since 1985. In addition to escrow, Beth has experience in real estate and residential mortgage funding to compliment her service. Her past experience and cross training has given her the opportunity to lead her company to great success throughout the greater Seattle area.

Lucinda Vergason: Vice President & Limited Practice Officer

Lucinda has been closing real estate transactions since 1987, taking a break to sell real estate in 1989. She spent ten years prior working in the title insurance industry. As a title examiner and title officer, this gave her a much broader perspective as an escrow closer. She excels in providing elevated quality service to make a difference in her profession. Her knowledge, commitment and attitude that "the customer comes first" is obvious to her clients.

Lisa Dennis: Escrow Closer

Lisa started in the escrow business in 1979 with a local law firm. She spent the last 32 years closing all types of real estate transactions until December 2011 when they decided to retire the business. Her clients have remained with her throughout her entire career, which is a testament to her outstanding service. We are pleased to have her on our team starting 2012.

Prisca Bungiranto: LPO, Assistant Escrow Closer

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